Key Benefits

Key Benefits

High Performance Teams

Obtaining high performance for individuals, teams and organizations is Impactop’s trademark.

  • Executive Group      Coaching is      one of the most efficient methods for analysing high performance teams.
  • An effective and fun way of testing teams      dynamics is through Experiential Learning      Work Shops
  • High performance teams can also be the      theme of Board interventions      for top-senior management

Building Resilience

As a medical doctor and a management professor, Thomas Hellwig conducts research and develops new insights on stress management and resilience.

  • He organises Stress workshops
  • Gives executive education sessions on High Performance Clinics
  • Provides Individual Coaching on building resilience

Sustainable Change

Change Management is one of Impactop’s main areas of expertise. He tackles this broad topic with specific angled, such as:

  • Teaching Immunity to change sessions
  • Integrating leading change into Organisational culture sessions
  • Conducting Managing across cultures Work shops